Additional Dark Vivacity Panel Pack (i.e. additional to Starter Pack) (Fireworks Version)

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Product Overview

A modular controlled resonance solution for hi-fi and home cinema systems


Although a series of prototypes have been designed in-house during the past 12 years for dealing with resonance in the support of equipment on stands and other furniture, each increasingly superior to anything else on the market, a little more time was required to finalise the overall development and to bring it to the market. The final version of the Vivacity AR anti-resonance equipment platform was launched in the second half of March 2008. The first review appeared in “Audiophile” magazine in June 2008, the High End Audio Journal of Hong Kong.

At the core of Vivacity AR are equipment support panels incorporating NXT’s patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology and anti-resonance and anti-vibration designs from QR Design and DNM Design – the creators of Ringmat.

The Dark Vivacity Panel lies at the heart of the concept and is the prime support platform. This 13mm rigid hard foam panel features a lightweight core with millions of air-filled bubbles, sandwiched between two layers of black wood fibre veneer.

The Fireworks version is screen-printed and has an even more explosive performance.

Additional Dark Vivacity Panel Pack - Overall thickness about 23mm
Contains 1 Dark Vivacity Panel, 4 Mini Domes
and one Statfoot

NB The weight of this product is not 8lbs, the product weight has been adjusted to reflect the cost of the specialist packaging required to ship this product


(No reviews yet) Write a Review