Ayre System Enhancement Disc

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Awarded a Golden ear award by the Absolute Sound magazine the Ayre System Enhancement Disc contains seven tracks two Glide tones one short (1 minute) and one long (5 minutes) 3 minutes each of Pink Noise and White Noise both of which are of particular importance in the setting up of audio systems and three separate tracks of Brown noise. Brown noise is similar to White noise being purely random in nature but low pass filtered to mimic the spectral distribution of music an excellent tool for the breaking in of components and cables. The three tracks comprise a stereo version a mono track with identical brown noise recordings on both channels and an out of phase stereo recording this latter being used to minimise the actual sound levels produced when breaking in equipment. ( The acoustic cancellation between channels minimises the overall sound level particularly when the two speakers are placed as close together as possible). The Glide Tones are of particular interest. Even the people from Ayre Acoustics admit that they Dont have conclusive proof of the mechanism involved in the remarkable effects of playing a signal that sweeps from 5Hz to 20KHz over a period of time but the resulting improvements were enough for The Absolute Sound to comment Even non audiophiles can hear the ear-popping improvements?Essential Effective and Cheap!

The Ayre Disc also acts as a comprehensive Degaussing (Demagnetising) device.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review