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Build Your Own Electric Guitar is a concise, fun approach to custom guitar assembly. Written for the practical minded guitar player who would like to build his or her own dream ax, this book shows how to put it all together efficiently. Selecting preassembled parts available from your local music retailer, any guitar player can build a top-notch instrument using not many more tools than one probably already owns for guitar maintenance.

The first section of the book, Introduction to Guitar Parts, acquaints the reader with the terminology and the function of guitar parts.

The next section, Assembly, is the meat and potatoes of the book. Here the reader is shown step by step how to put a guitar together. Emphasis is placed on time saving construction techniques, professionalism, and always, safety. Neck alignment, finishing advice, routing and drilling procedure, both whammy bar and non-tremolo systems a are detailed thoroughly. Additionally, a pickup cross reference chart (suggested applications for some of the many models on the market), easy to read schematics, and a group of actual size templates are included.

Maintenance tips on the neck, finish, and various whammy bar systems are also offered.

The appendix holds information for further reference for the reader. It includes a listing of guitar parts manufacturers as well as books for additional reading.

Build Your own Electric Guitar is not another very interesting technical workbook full of information that will put the reader to sleep in 15 minutes. It hopefully will keep the reader awake long enough for him or her to begin to actualize the custom built guitar dream; to have a guitar exactly the way you want it. And the fun part; to build it yourself!

99 Pages.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review