EAR 868 PL Pre Amp with Phono Stage


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Product Overview

Pride of Craftsmanship

Encased in solid built construction, to a quality you would expect. Each front fascia is CNC milled for a high level of precision typically associated with finely crafted watches. It’s 10mm thick fascia is hand-finished in flawless chrome and is matched by it’s clutter-free interface. Four gold or chrome finished controls dial in the experience.

We have a heritage of crafting products for more than 30 years and if that wasn’t enough, it’s good to know that its designed and made in England.

Breadth of Capability

Handling a variety of analogue sources, the EAR 868 is designed to be the most capable of analogue pre-amps. With 5 analogue inputs, connect your Hi-Fi to the latest devices, like the EAR Dac 4. Aided further by its studio heritage to bring you a pair of balanced inputs in the form of XLRs, you can connect to a whole host of devices you never thought imaginable.

The additional built-in phono stage in the EAR 868PL edition becomes its own when connecting your pickup. You’ll notice your turntable’s Moving Magnet cartridges come alive with grace and with the addition of a Moving Coil toggle switch, the 868PL can support a wide range of cartridges.


EAR 868PL (with Phonostage)

Four PCC88 (7DJ8)


Signal-to-nosie on Line amp: 90db (1v out ref)

Phono Noise (weighted): -80db (IHF)*

Phono MM Impedance: 47KΩ*

Phono MC Impedance: 4Ω, 12Ω & 40Ω*


Five Line Inputs (RCA)

One Balanced Input (XLR)

Two Ground Terminals

One Phono Input (RCA)

EAR 868L: Line only input

EAR 868PL: Moving magnet/Moving coil


Two Line Outputs (RCA) 5V into 600Ω

Two Balanced Ouputs (XLR) 5V

One Tape Monitor (RCA)

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 10kg (22lb)

Length: 380 mm (15”)

Width: 305 mm (12”)

Height: 100mm (4”)


Total Max Consumption: 24 watts

240 volt / 110 Volt / 100 Volt

(depending on model)

* Only available on EAR 868PL


(No reviews yet) Write a Review