Earth Henry - AC power earth-line noise reducer

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Product Overview

Keynote Characteristics

  • Isolates audio equipment from audio-polluting RF noise or hash that's almost universally present in the AC supply's earthing conductor (s).
  • Maintains the safety of the C.P.C. (Circuit Protective Conductor, safety earth wiring, safety ground wiring)
  • Provides sonic improvements regardless of whether the mains circuit is an ordinary ring, or dedicated spur type.
  • Comprises a 'pure', air-cored inductor, operating from 100kHz up to tens of MHz.
  • Rated for use in circuits fused up to 32A. Multiple units handle higher-rated circuits.
  • Rated to handle full fault currents up to kilo-Amperes for durations required for fuse or circuit breaker (MCB, RCD) operation, per BS-EN 7671 (British electrical wiring regulations).
  • Rated to comply with IEE regs (BS-EN 7671) and C.P.C. colour coded to meet UK, EU and international electrical safety rules.
  • Easy to fit: Connects in line with existing CPCs. May be placed where convenient in a Spur or extension cable run. In a Ring, place 2 units close to the audio equipment's supply outlet.
  • Installation information supplied.
  • 100% designed and made in England.
  • Size: approx 7 x 13 inches. Weight: approx 7 lbs (just over 3kg)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review