Era Gold V moving magnet phono stage Green PSU

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Product Overview

# Fast Video Amps
# Wide Bandwidth
# High Slew Rate
# Low Memory RIAA EQ
# Reduced Surface Noise
# High Current Drive
# No Cartridge Magnetization
# Cutting Head Compensation
# Designed by Graham Slee
# Just £520.00 inc VAT

The leader in wide bandwidth phono stage designs. Suitable for all Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil cartridges. The Era Gold V brings little of itself to the music. As most hi-fi vinyl equipment has taken on the CD sound, the Era Gold V/PSU1 does the high fidelity of the pre-digital era, but better. With advances in technology, and its video speed, it gets closer to the truth. It requires a 3-4 week period to fully break in and it should be left powered up all the time. Supplied with "green" switched-mode power supply


(No reviews yet) Write a Review