Era Gold X Reflex - PSU1

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Product Overview

# Extra high resolution
# Greater RIAA accuracy
# Deep tightly controlled bass
# Reduced loudness distortion
# Improved high frequency timbre
# Studio-cut performance even on difficult vinyl
# Near-holographic sound stage
# High Dynamic Range
# Low Noise and Distortion
# MM and HOMC compatible
# UK price £646 inc VAT

The Reflex (along with the Revelation) is the result of a 2 year £100,000 investment in phono stage development that not only overcame the questionable quality of RoHS science, but took vinyl reproduction a step-beyond making this a destination product (according to The Stereo Times).

In keeping with Graham Slees philosophy that the very best should be brought within the reach of the majority, the price tag of the Reflex has been kept within the realms of sanity.

Another sane feature is the Reflexes ability to return an incredible performance using moving magnet cartridges or the higher output type of moving coil. The ultimate cartridge partner being the Music Maker Classic by The Cartridgeman (a modern high performance moving iron cartridge).

The power supply used with the Reflex is our PSU1-24, included in the sale.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review