Graham Slee - Gram Amp 3 Fanfare (MC)

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# For Low Output Moving Coil Cartridges
# Sensitivity 0.2mV to 1.0 mV
# Very low noise and distortion
# Fast electronics - less record noise
# Solid hand crafted miniature case
# Can upgrade sound by using PSU1-24
# Only £255 inc VAT

A dedicated Moving Coil phono preamp stage that won't disgrace itself among the aristocracy of moving coil cartridges. This budget offering is equally at home with affordable moving coils too. A rebellion of a phono stage, designed in support of the common man by the little company with the big reputation - need we say more?

Specially Developed for low output Moving Coil Cartridges with outputs of 0.2mV to 1.0mV (200 to 1,000 micro volts). This is a plug & play phono stage requiring no input impedance matching. Input impedance is fixed at 470 Ohms (giving a more lifelike performance than the standard 100 Ohms). High gain of 61.5dB makes it suitable for use with all integrated amplifiers and most passives. Supplied with T48 Plug-Top power supply (and the correct socket adapter for your country where required)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review