Graham Slee - Jazz Club 78/RIAA Equalizer - PSU1

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Product Overview

# Uses Era Gold V technology
# 15 position EQ
# Greatly reduced record noise
# Reduces the reliance on damaging digital post processing
# Accurate EQ for all known Labels
# Stereo/Mono switch
# Fast Slew Rate for driving high resolution ADCs
# For all MM and high output MC cartridges
# Designed by Graham Slee
# Just £674 inc VAT

The Jazz Club Universal Format Phono Preamplifier is suitable for all Moving Magnet and High Output Moving Coil cartridges. The Jazz Club is actually an Era Gold, but instead of just equalising to the modern day RIAA standard, it does just about every record reproduction curve characteristic throughout recording history as well. Supplied with equalisation tables to set it for pre-sixties LPs, EPs and Singles plus virtually all 78s ever produced. It requires a 3-4 week period to fully break in and it should be left powered up all the time like all good studio equipment. Supplied with a PSU1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review