Graham Slee - Novo Headphone Amp Green PSU

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Product Overview

The Green power supply described on our product pages for use with our budget stages or as entry level option for our flagship products, is a switched mode technology plug-top design.

It complies with EU Eco-design requirements on external power supplies (EPS), as well as many other carbon reduction laws around the world, including Californian CEC. It also complies with safety laws including UL, cUL and CCC.

The power supply itself does not contribute any audio properties - it is the modifications made to our range of products that has made it possible to successfully use low carbon switched-mode power.

Our investigations, which started in 2006, into making highly sensitive audio circuits successfully work on switched-mode power have led to a greater understanding on how to obtain a great sound from our phono stage preamps and headphone amplifiers. Even our highly sensitive moving coil phono stage preamps, the Gram Amp 2 Fanfare, the Reflex and the Revelation C, and the Elevator EXP flat gain moving coil step-up amplifier work without problem and deliver the sort of performance the Graham Slee name is famous for.

As with all our products, the owner requiring a no compromise all-out musical performance, can upgrade to the Graham Slee PSU1 power supply, although, because it is linear, it is not as efficient and therefore not as carbon friendly.

The Green power supply is self adjusting to mains voltages around the world and supplied with the appropriate plug-head to fit UK, European, Australian or US power outlets.

Its efficiency is due to it operating at an ultrasonic frequency instead of the mains frequency. This means it can use a tiny transformer for a similar amount of power as a much larger conventional transformer.

They produce a very quiet whining noise instead of the buzz you hear close up to a conventional transformer, which although won't be heard normally, may be sensed in a very silent room. However, those seeking a no compromise power supply, will choose our PSU1.

The Green power supply along with some of our earlier linear plug-top power supplies are the only products in our range not manufactured by us.


Dimensions: L. 10.5 W. 10.5 H. 5 (cm) approx. excluding controls and connectors

Output: 150mW rms into 32 Ohms, 40mW rms into 600 Ohms (both channels fully driven - 0.05% THD)

Frequency Response (worst case): Flat: 43Hz to 16kHz (-1dB), 22Hz to 30kHz (-3dB) (volume control at 3 o'clock position)

Channel Balance: 0.5dB typical

Hum & Noise: -80dB CCIR Q-pk 20Hz-20kHz (into 30 Ohms)

Stereo Crosstalk: -64dB typical

Distortion (THD+Noise): 0.02% at 1 kHz into 30 Ohms, and 12 o'clock volume control position.

Not only would you expect such a great sounding headphone amplifier to cost considerably more, youd think a discrete component headphone amp should be in the highest echelons of price! But as many more people are finding from Graham Slee, good old down to earth honesty is the name of the game.

The Novo headphone amplifier has a single chained phono (RCA) jack input allowing you to drive it from your favourite music source and then run another interconnect on to your main amplifier. It can also be fed from a preamp output or recording output.

Dynamic headphones of between 16 Ohms and 600 Ohms are driven to similar volume levels and the full rotation of the volume control can be used to make up for differences in headphone sensitivities.

With very sensitive headphones the Novo headphone amplifier volume control should be used with care to avoid hearing damage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review