Graham Slee - Solo SRG11 Headphone Amplifier PSU1

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Product Overview

# Wide Power Bandwidth
# High Slew Rate
# Deep Detailed Bass
# Excellent Drive Capability
# Tape Loop Compatibility
# Short Circuit Proof
# High Dynamic Range
# Low Noise and Distortion
# MC £520 inc VAT

The Solo SRG11 with PSU1 power supply is engineered to make headphones a serious alternative to loudspeakers - in fact, many users prefer the interruption-free other world headphone listening experience the Solo delivers. Todays high-density housing makes it impossible to achieve life-like concert hall sound levels without upsetting neighbours, and its the same problem when you fancy a bit of late night listening when the rest of the family have gone to bed. So Graham Slee has honed the Solo circuit to drive headphones beyond the limitations that put people off headphone listening. The Solo 2007 is offered here with the PSU1-24 power supply which gives the Solo that extra edge, detail and authority to the music that could easily convert you to a headphone fanatic.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review