Graham Slee - Voyager Battery Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Product Overview

# Fully portable headphone amplifier - long battery life
# Powerful sound
# Pod player size match
# Lightweight - 180 gram (6.5 ounce)
# Street phones contour-boost switch
# USB powered for office desk top
# AC adapter for home amp use
# Drives Hi-Fi and Studio headphones

The powerful sound (compared with a pod player output) from the Voyager battery portable headphone amplifier gives an average (noticeable) 10dB boost in sound pressure level above that of most portable players. The Voyager battery portable headphone amplifiers fast wideband circuit assures all the sound quality of the source is delivered to the headphones, even when used with high performance sources up to studio standards.

It is fully portable, powered by its own replaceable standard issue 9 volt (MN1604; 6LR61) battery (supplied installed). If left playing into headphones from a continuously looping music source, the battery can last 50 hours or longer. Usually however, battery life will last a number of weeks if the power switch is set to its other positions when not in use, or when being powered by USB connection or by its AC adapter. It does not recharge the battery - a rechargeable 9 volt battery does not have the capacity of a disposable 9 volt battery.

A number of pod type players will sit comfortably on top of the Voyager.

The Voyager is light weight, similar to that of a classic pod player.

The street-wear contour switch is designed to improve the tonal range of street-wear headphones. For use from domestic and studio players using Hi-Fi or studio headphones, the flat position may be found more appropriate.

The Voyager can be used in the office taking its input from line-out sources like the 3,5mm jack on many computers. While in use at the desk top, it can be powered by a spare USB cord having a mini AB plug.

The Voyager is supplied with an AC adapter that can power it when used at home or in the office

Hi-Fi and studio quality stereo headphones can be used with the Voyager. When using high impedance headphones at home (typically 300 Ohm types and above), it is best used with high output line-level sources like a CD player, amplifier line/tape out, or the output of a phono preamplifier, if required to reach high volumes. A 3,5 to 6,3mm jack plug adapter may be required for some Hi-Fi or studio headphones. A stereo phono to 3,5mm jack plug, or DIN to 3,5mm jack plug cable may also be required depending on your home equipment. It will not drive electrostatic headphones.
Headphones of 16 - 600 Ohms impedance can be used.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review