Graham Slee

Established October 1998 Graham Slee Projects became incorporated as a UK limited company in November 2005.

The company's core products are phono stages and headphone amplifiers which have been developed 'hand in hand' since the year 2000, each leading to improvements in the other. The sonic abilities of the headphone amplifiers made it possible to hear and tune fine detail in our phono stages where other phono stage manufacturers did not have such precise audition equipment. Likewise, the excellent detailing of our phono stages helped improve the quality and dynamic sound of our headphone amps... each contributed to the other in a very unique way.

Unlike many other high end audio equipment manufacturers Graham Slee Projects Limited insists on manufacturing all its own designs in the UK in its own workshops. We have remained a small and approachable company which our customers past and present prefer, knowing they are talking to the people who actually make their equipment, making what we do almost bespoke in its nature.

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