Hadcock GH242 Super Silver Tonearm

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Product Overview

The GH 242 Super Silver our final arm in the 242 range is the is only available to special order
This is the ultimate arm offered by Hadcock. It utilises Van Den Hul internal silver wiring and fly leads, and a special Super Silver phono cable specially manufactured by The Cartridge Man.
All 242 arm tubes are interchangeable, and the spare headhells allow for easy interchanging of cartridges. Giving the listener the choice of saving that expensive treasured cartridge for special listening sessions, whilst the old favorite can be employed at other times.
Set up of the Hadcock tone arms is a little harder than a fixed pivot arm, however, comprehensive easy to follow instructions are now available on this site and will be included with all new arms.
The quality of workmanship and finish make it a pleasure to assembly and fine tune. Once a unipivot is fixed and aligned. it will require minimal maintenance if any at all.
The GH 242 is suitable for almost all turntables including SME, Thorens, Michell, Nottingham Analogue, Linn and Origin Live to name but a few.

Stainless Steel arm tube with Van Den Hul silver wire silver fly leads and special Super Silver Phono Cable. Utterly musical high end performance with a very tempting price tag attached. Very little serious competition at the price. Hi-Fi World June 2000 - Richard White


(No reviews yet) Write a Review