Hi Fi News Test LP + Shure SFG-2 Stylus Gauge

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Product Overview

Combining the best Test LP on the Market and the refined quality of the Shure SFG-2 in our new setup kit.

Hi Fi News Test LP

As a response to the lack of newly produced test records, and due to customers requiring a definitive means of setting up their vinyl replay systems, the Cartridge Man has, on the back of the success of his previous test LP, produced an all-new test record.

Recorded onto audiophile quality 180g vinyl, the new version also includes a full-sized set-up protractor and includes an additional frequency sweep test.

Test Record specifications and features:

  • Channel identification
  • Phase check
  • Channel balance
  • Pink noise L/R
  • Anti-skate/bias setting
  • Tracking ability
  • Cartridge/arm lateral resonance
  • Cartridge azimuth
  • Residual system noise check
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency sweep
  • Set-up protractor
  • Recorded onto audiophile 180g vinyl

Shure SFG-2

Easy to use and inexpensive, this is the most popular stylus force gauge on the market. An indispensable tool for any analog setup. The Shure SFG-2 Stylus Tracking Force Gauge is the industry standard. This simple-to-use measuring device was developed to give listeners a way to insure against the problems caused by improper tracking force settings, which include mistracking, excessive record and tip wear, and poor sound reproduction. This gauge is a highly accurate beam balance instrument designed to measure the actual downward force exerted by a stylus on a record over the range of 0.5 to 3.0 grams. Each gauge is individually factory calibrated in order to provide a precise measurement of stylus tracking force.


-For all modern tonearms and automatic turntables.
-Extended force measurement range (1 to 3 grams).
-Friction-free precision stainless steel pivot joints.
-Easy-to-read reference bars for perfect balance and absolute accuracy.
-Tracking force is measured with tonearm in actual playing position.
-Accuracy to within 1/10 of a gram in primary operating range (1/2 to 1-1/2 grams)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review