Incognito Universal Arm Cardas Rewire + Free Test LP

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Product Overview

The Universal version of the Incognito loom was developed from the original design which was exclusively for Rega tonearms and their many derivatives. It has been engineered to fit the vast majority of arms that have a removable tonearm lead, as well as those with captive leads, bringing the advantages of a continuous run of fine quality wire from cartridge tag to amplifier to almost all make and model of tonearm available. In its simplest form, where a removable lead is being replaced, the Gold plated 'Star' earth point has been designed to replace exactly the JLS/Din male connector that sits inside the body of the mounting pillar (11mm diameter), being held in place by the same, original set screw that held the original connector, typically removing at least 10+ solder connections and 5 pin-socket connections in each installation, as well as improving the quality of the signal leads, re-routing the ground connection away from the signal path and establishing a 'Star' earth point with a 'semi-balanced' arrangement. Further, specific versions have been designed for the installation of Incognito looms in both Silver and Cardas Copper wire in Hadcock, SME, Mission and Syrinx arms of all types. Please contact us to discuss other specific applications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review