J A Michell Unicover - Turntable Cover / Lid

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The Michell Unicover is a One size fits all turntable cover designed to fit all and any type of turntable (To be precise neither John nor we have managed to find a turntable that this device will not fit but if you know better..!) The Unicover is a clear acrylic construction that covers and protects the platter and the arm. It simply sits on the platter without the need either for hinges or for the support of a plinth what could be simpler? Here is an affordable and original cover for plinthless turntable designs not only for all Michell turntables it is suitable for fitting to all SME models Nottingham Analogue VPI those rare round Systemdecks in fact all forms of turntable without a regular rectangular plinth. And it's an obvious replacement for all those broken cracked or heavilly scratched rectangular lids that are fitted to regular plinth based turntables an elegant professional and inexpensive solution!

Our Franchise conditions mean we are only able to ship this product to UK addresses. This only applies to Michell products.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Posted by andy on 23rd Mar 2016

    very nice product to protect the arm and deck. no impact on the suspension of the gyro. Well packed and good comms too. excellent.

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    Functional and elegant

    Posted by Alan on 2nd Feb 2016

    The Unicover replaces the full plinth and lid system on a Rega RP8, enabling the turntable to be left permanently in skeleton form, which is without doubt the better sounding option. When not in use the RP8 plus Unicover look very elegant, much more pleasing to the eye than a rectangular plinth and lid. The Unicover serves the most important job of keeping dust off the platter and also gives some degree of protection to the arm and cartridge from above. However, the arm and cartridge do remain exposed to the front and left of the turntable. The Unicover is ideally suited to 9" arms, but might not be suitable for those of 10" or longer.

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    Posted by Serge. on 14th Apr 2015

    Sorry for my late answer.
    The "dust cover" arrived safe and sound:-)
    The packaging was perfect and the product in excellent condition.
    I installed it easily and my DIY turntable looks more elegant.
    First of all, it allows you to give a minimum protection to the arm.
    For dust, I cover the whole with a towel.
    So, I am very satisfied with the product and hope to do more business with your website.
    Thanks for all.

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    Easy no-fuss protection for your Michell TT

    Posted by Stephen Foc on 13th Jun 2013

    Although a bit too "essential", it serves the purpose well: wont' keep ALL the dust away, but shall protect your beloved turntable from unwanted harm. Drop a light cloth on top of it and yuou'll achieve the target. Easy and elegant, saves space but mind the fingerprints on the clear perspex. British AudioStore delivers it in a spotless packaging.