Metal Clad Mains Distribution Block - 6 Way

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Product Overview

Mains distribution blocks have been the subject of many enquiries ever since the interest in mains quality was spurred by the publication of Ben Duncans Pure Power and Super spur articles. If you have paid serious attention to the quality of the mains current reaching your hi-fi you may still be falling at the final hurdle. Unless your willing to install a whole wall full of 13A sockets you need a distribution block to provide enough outlets for the hi-fi system and ordinary four-way strips are definitely not up to the job. Even some so called Audiophile units still have extraneous components and messy wiring. But we have found one that really works. Our distribution block is metal clad for good RF screening has an easily re-wireable input lead (with capacity for an extra gauge lead) un-switched with no neon and wired internally with massive 4mm cable. In other words It has the features needed to avoid dynamic limitations caused by mains wiring.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review