Origin Live - Calypso MK4 Turntable

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Product Overview

For out and out performance, this deck has it all. Capable of outperforming many decks on the market at many times it’s price - the Calypso MK3 is simply without peer.

Strengths lie in it's superb transparency, dynamics, and tangible sound staging. Very neutral and system friendly, it suites most systems exceptionally well.

The Calypso improves on lower decks in the range by virtue of a significantly upgraded motor supply, improved isolation of the main bearing along with other aspects such as a high mass solid metal "inertia" disc to damp vibration in the plinth.

"Simply stated, the Origin Live Illustrious tonearm/Aurora Gold turntable produce the best musical results of any turntable I've ever heard, regardless of price." read more - Stereo Times

"This turntable gets the thumbs up it thoroughly deserves for the fine performance it provided."
Malcolm Steward, Hi Fi Choice


(No reviews yet) Write a Review