Origin Live - Encounter tonearm MK3c

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Product Overview

The Encounter arm builds on the outstanding performance of the Zephyr by improving the design and quality of many critical components. This is not just a development - it is a complete redesign.

The entire yoke and base are different from the fully gimballed tonearms below it in the range. These structures, contain the horizontal and vertical bearings and are therefore highly influential on sound quality.

The upgrade in design manifests itself in outstanding deep bass along with increased focus, stability and resolution through all frequencies. The tight and powerful bass carries the hallmark of authority and adds so much to the musical experience. In addition the arm dramatically improves the great transparency, tonal balance and sound-staging of the Zephyr tonearm. It produces a wonderful "live" feel to the music, with fabulous transient speed and "air". The Encounter arm is outstanding.

"A new benchmark for musical communication, natural detail and timbral truth. All at a price that, considering the quality of its performance, can only be called a bargain." 
Stereo Times Magazine full review
"I must say that this arm sounds like nothing that I have heard or owned before.The tonal quality is astonishingly accurate and clear, bass notes have no overhang.The arm is astonishingly transparent and neutral.
Derek Abrahams, Owner Comments full review"

It says volumes for the excellence of this arm that it could put two such different pickups through their paces so even-handedly."
The Absolute Sound Magazine - Editors Choice Award 2012


(No reviews yet) Write a Review