Origin Live - Onyx Tonearm

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Product Overview

The Onyx tonearm is a big step up from the Alliance. Surprisingly the performance is also a big step up from most arms on the market. This bold claim is made on the premise that the Onyx outperforms the Origin Live Silver MK1 tonearm which was reviewed as the "best arm ever heard" by a number of reviewers including a highly experienced editor. It still outperforms many arms in the £3000 ($4600USD) region.

In summary the Onyx offers high end performance in a well built, highly attractive and economic package. This is only possible due to expertise gained from years at the forefront of high performance tonearm design. This experience has been refined to bring superb performance at extreme value for money.

"Sounds more human, more (dare I say it) analogue, and more (gulp) musical....represents excellent value for money and comes highly recommended.......offers a relaxing, expansive and musical sound hitherto unavailable at its modest price point"   - HiFi World, Aug 2011


(No reviews yet) Write a Review