Origin Live - Sovereign MK3 Turntable

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Product Overview

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Arm Mount - The deck includes an arm mounting to fit all Origin Live 240mm (9.5") arms. For full details on which arm geometries are the same as Origin Live and Rega see link "Compatible tonearm geometry ".  We suggest only mounting our arms because they are world class leaders and you also have an easy upgrade path. If hypotheticaly, you were to order an Origin Live deck to fit an existing non compatible arm then we would suggest that this is a false economy because the modification costs are unviable to ever change back to Origin Live arms in the future. Also it is well reviewed that even our £675 Silver arm outperforms almost every arm in the £2500 bracket. Bear in mind that the new Onyx arm at £450 outperforms the original Silver MK1 refferred to in the revews which may be found on the side menu.

A mounting option to fit our 12" arms is also available in the order options, but this is not in addition - it is an "either" "or" choice. You can change over to a 12" option at a later date but there is a considerable saving if you order it with the deck in the first place.

Fabulous Style
Beautifull style with chrome pods and polished black plinth make this deck a design showpiece.

High Grade Parts

    • High mass plinth using low resonance sandwich construction increases bass performance and overall definition.

    • Triple plinth decoupling helps isolate the deck from it's surroundings.

    • Low resonance high inertia platter is deeper than others in the range and adds a sense of power to the music.

    • Platter is further de-coupled from the bearing with an inert sub-platter which gives greater transparency.

    • Highly specified bearing to give lowest friction and least vibration.

    • Special high grade oil

    • Rigid sub-chassis with low resonance and unique centre point support arrangement along with damping devices.

    • High mass and specially damped motor housing.

Power supply
The  highly developed power supply feeding the motor is load compensating and stable across a wide range of temperatures. It uses more sophisticated circuitry, higher grade components and a top grade transformer. Speed control is switched electronically between 33 rpm and 45 rpm. This supply is an evolution of many generations that have taken decades to develop.

Setting up
There is nothing to go "out of tune" on the Sovereign. The deck is a non-suspended design using our unique single point cantilever suspension system, which requires no setting up and is fuss free. VTA adjustment is convenient due to easy access under the armboard. Many arms do not even need this.

450mm wide, 380mm deep, 160mm height. 
Weight is 32kg
Heavyweight platter is an additional 2.1kg.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review