Origin Live - Zephyr Tonearm

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The Zephyr arm is a turbocharged Silver with many of the features of Origin Lives high end arm included. The result is a dramatic improvement in bass weight dynamics resolution and image stability.

"This is a very good arm at a very very good price. it's an enthusiast arm made by an enthusiast for an enthusiast......getting a sound quality that anyone would fall in love with.... the Origin Live Zephyr will prove a breath of fresh air for vinyl lovers.... A highend arm without the high-end price tag. A strong recommendationA strong recommendation" -  HI FI+ magazine

"The Satellite and Zephyr tonearm makes such a positive first impression that you might find yourself asking, "how much better can it get?.....The very high quality of the finish and extremely precise operation of the Zephyr tonearm are usually only seen in far more expensive arms"     - AUDIO 10 MAGAZINE full review


(No reviews yet) Write a Review