Ringmat OFC Pure Power Speaker Cable 3.0M Terminated with WBT 4mm Plugs / 8mm Spades

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Product Overview


RINGMAT OFC PURE POWER is a sizeable speaker cable with an outer diameter of 13mm. It is very flexible and the interior mould of the outer jacket hugs 4 substantial conductors in position around a central filler. Although the cable can be used to bi-wire to 2 pairs of terminals, it is designed for use as a single run cable from one pair of terminals to another pair, with the ‘opposite’ conductors paired. It also sounds very much better that way. The design of the cable is such that it has very low capacitance and very low resistance, resulting in exceptional tonal performance and a transparent and accurate sound reproduction. The sense of power and space is awesome, and yet resolution and fine nuances are exquisitely presented.


Inside the cable jacket the ridges that hold the conductors in position are talc lined, enabling the cores to adjust position as the cable is wound and handled, avoiding permanent twists and knots. This also helps reduce vibration internally and further enhances the sound.

Conductor sheaths are colour coded. Accordingly, cores north and south (blue) should be joined together as, say, positive, and cores east and west (black) joined together as, say, negative.

The cable is directional. Normally, signal direction is the same as the print on the cable, but the manufacturers cannot warrant it. We shall check it out each time there is a production run.


We will contact you following your order to clarify the configuration of plugs and spdes that you require.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review