Ringmat Pure Signal Premium Blue Digital Interconnect - 0.7M Terminated with WBT Nextgen RCA Type Phono Plugs


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Product Overview

For our Digital Interconnects we use the same Pure Signal Cable and plugs as for the Pure Signal Analogue Interconnects, but the spiral screen termination is different. As will be seen from the Cable Specifications, the Pure Signal Cable is an excellent design for digital use with an almost perfect performance.


  • 4 polypropylene insulated conductors of stranded high purity oxygen free copper wire, tinned

  • Each conductor has 7 x 0.203mm diameter strands, giving a core size of some 0.23mm²

  • Tinned, spiral screen of 160 x 0.1mm diameter strands.

  • The moulded jacket is of an ultra flexible, arctic grade, neoprene polymer of 6.5mm outer diameter


  • Conductor capacitance: 44pF/m

  • Conductor inductance: 0.108microH/m

  • Conductor resistance: 0.072ohms/m

  • Place of manufacture: Germany

It makes a pleasant change for us to offer some products with a more readily understood scientific base and measurements that demonstrate how good they are. For not only do our cables sound special, they measure like a dream. All round, the specifications of both our cables are so good that they are close to being ‘fable’.

The inductance of both cables is close to zero, which is what one would get with a straight piece of wire. In fact, the inductance measurements of our cables were so low that the results probably had more to do with the instrument used for metering than with the cable.

Of course, we would be the first to say that measurements mean nothing if, on listening, the products do not deliver. In this case, they do.

With our Pure Signal interconnects working together with our Pure Power speaker cables, and our other Ringmat and Statmat products, the sound should be the best that can be achieved. But we cannot emphasise too strongly the need for all our other products to be used when listening with our cables. It is the old adage, rubbish in, rubbish out. Without our other Ringmat and Statmat products, there is no way that a phase coherent signal can be generated at source and carried through to the speakers. Because they are so accurate and transparent, with incredible band-width, any distortion or other phase anomalies fed to them will be ruthlessly exposed, whereas other cables will mask the distortion by adding ‘coloration’ of their own. But then, with other cables, the listener will never know the glories of the performances in his/her record or CD collection.

What happens to the signal once it arrives at the speaker is something we have no control over, but we hope that the education programme we plan to introduce in due time will help designers improve this area of sound reproduction.

At the moment, however, there is still one area where the sound can always be compromised, even with the use of our other Ringmat and Statmat products, and that is in the area of support underneath components and the Ringmat Feet and Domes. However, we have good news about this in that the development work on our Anti-Resonance Platforms is in now largely complete and we are entering the phase of translating prototypes into pre-production samples. This will still take time, but at least we can now see the light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review