Ringmat Tiger Econ Isolation Feet (Set of 3)

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Product Overview

Ringmat ECON Feet are constructed in the same way as standard Ringmat Feet except that there is no top disc to act as a pressure point on the larger intermediate disc directly below and to protect that intermediate disc from certain types of equipment feet. Performance is approaching that of standard Ringmat Feet when used with Small Ringmat Domes (Cheetah, Tiger and Indian Jumbo ECON Feet) and Large Ringmat Domes (African Jumbo and Mammoth ECON Feet). Likewise, with Small and Large Ringmat Spike Stoppers.

Ringmat ECON Feet are an effective economical version of standard Ringmat Feet without quite reaching the sublime levels of performance obtained from the standard Ringmat Feet.

Each pack of 3 or 4 tiger Feet includes one Statfoot

Tiger feet are exceptionally fast and agile, providing far greater resolution and dynamics.

From 13 kg to 21.5kg with 4 Feet or from 10.5kg to 18kg with 3 feet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review