SRM Tech Rega Enhancement Kit with Stage 2 Mods

SRM Tech

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This is our very effective Sound Quality Enhancement kit for the Rega range of turntables, complete with Stage 2 Mods. We guarantee it will significantly improve the sound quality of these popular record decks! The kit is designed to reduce motor and main bearing noise, platter ring and counterweight resonance to provide quieter, more detailed reproduction, and comprises: 1. Platter Damping Ring (PDR) - Designed specifically for this deck - 10mm deep to fit Rega platter perfectly. This acts as a peripheral wave trap, absorbing vibrations / resonances in the platter and enhancing rotational stability. 2. Twin Motor Vibration Absorbers (MVA) - These fit round the casing of the motor to reduce vibration which would otherwise be transmitted to the plinth or (via the belt) to the sub-platter. Shown in picture. Please note that to fit the top MVA you need to remove the motor or disconnect / reconnect the wiring. 3. Adjustable Motor Thrust Bearing (MTB) - This attaches to the bottom of the motor, allowing the motor spindle to run on a hardened 4mm stainless steel ball instead of the sleeve bearing in the motor. Result - less motor noise, lower noise floor, more information. Shown in picture. We now have the improved model which you simply cannot position wrongly, as it has a machined rebate in the bearing housing. 4. Ultra High Quality Ball Bearing - The ball that sits at the bottom of the main bearing housing is replaced with one of our own ultra high quality stainless steel balls. 5. Main Bearing Spindle Support Pad (SSP) - High Purity PTFE pad which sits between the bearing spindle and the ball in the main bearing shaft, providing a non resonant, low friction support for the spindle. Reduces noise dramatically by eliminating metal to metal contact. 6. Main Bearing Damping Ring (BDR) - Fits around the main bearing housing effectively absorbing noise generated within the bearing. 7. Ultimate Turntable Bearing Oil - You have to remove the oil from the main bearing to fit the SSP, so we include a 10ml bottle of oil with the kit. This is the best bearing oil available - known to Audiophiles as 'Black Oil' it contains Molybdenum Disulfide and Graphite. Makes the turntable bearing quieter, more efficient and drastically reduces wear. 8. Counterweight Resonance Controller (CRC) - Fits tightly around the counterweight on a Rega tonearm effectively controlling resonances. Two sizes are supplied to fit both RB250 and RB300. The PDR, MVA, BDR and CRC are manufactured from a particular type and grade of synthetic polymer, specifically chosen for its damping properties at the frequencies that cause problems within LP replay systems. The kit comes with comprehensive instructions, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the sound quality improvement.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review