SRM Tech Sorbothane Damping Kit

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This is a set of Sorbothane strips for damping suspended sub-chassis turntables such as Linn, Thorens, Ariston etc. When applied to the underside of the top plate and sub-chassis they will effectively absorb resonances which occur in these parts of the deck. Sorbothane has legendary vibration absorption qualities and damping parts of the deck (that have a tendency to resonate) complements perfectly our other turntable upgrades such as the Silicone Platter mat, Platter Damping Ring, Motor Vibration Absorber and Bearing Damping Rings. This set is identical to that included with our superb Ultimate Thorens Transformation Kit. The set consists of 28 strips of 3mm thick Sorbothane with a self-adhesive backing. Approximate size of the strips is 12mm x 80mm. This is enough to effectively damp the top plate and subchassis. Having said that, the more damping the better (and in most cases the base plate will also benefit) so if you wish to purchase more than one set, we will not charge any more for postage. The set comes complete with positioning instructions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review