SRM Tech Ultimate Rega Enhancement Kit

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For those of you that want the ultimate performance from your Rega - this is the definitive high performance upgrade kit! We guarantee it will massively improve the sound quality of this popular audiophile record deck! The kit will work perfectly with Rega Planar 2, Planar 3, P2, P3, NAD 533, C555, Goldring GR1, GR2 and Moth Alamo turntables. The comprehensive kit comprises the following items: 1. Deluxe Acrylic Platter - Shown in the second picture. Acrylic sounds far more neutral than glass, which can sound bright and has a tendency to ring. This platter is 20mm thick, with a rebate in the underside to hide the motor pulley, belt and sub-platter. It has the same 'see-through' mid range as our 10mm acrylic platter but with more bass weight and authority. There is more mass around the periphery than in the centre, which aids rotational stability, making the deck sound more pitch stable and dynamic. This is our latest jet black platter which also features a record label recess should you wish to use it without a mat. The platter mounts onto the sub-platter via three points, effectively decoupling it and thus reducing noise. Should you wish to use the platter without the mat, the mounting system allows height adjustment of up to 3mm, negating the need to alter the tonearm height. This is one superb sounding platter! 2. Platter Damping Ring - this 18mm ring tightly hugs the rim of the platter acting as a peripheral wave trap and further damping any resonance in the platter. 3. Silicone Platter Mat - this achieves far more damping than the standard felt mat and is a natural partner to the Deluxe Acrylic Platter, sounding nicely balanced - and as Hi-Fi World magazine said 'More transparent and organic'. 4. Ultra High Quality Ball Bearing - The ball that sits at the bottom of the main bearing housing is replaced with one of our own ultra high quality stainless steel balls. 5. Spindle Support Pad - A small high purity PTFE pad is inserted in the main bearing housing, between the ball and the spindle. This low friction pad eliminates metal to metal contact at the point where most noise is generated, making the bearing drastically quieter and virtually eliminating spindle wear. 6. Ultimate Turntable Bearing Oil - The main bearing is cleaned and degreased before fitting items 4 & 5. The bearing is then lubricated with our superb 'Black Oil'. The best lubricant ever for turntable bearings, this contains Molybedenum Disulfide and Graphite and ensures the bearing runs quieter with less wear. 7. Bearing Damping Ring - our new over-sized BDR fits tightly around the bearing housing and absorbs vibration generated from within. Again, it makes the bearing quieter. This is shown in the third picture, together with the following motor mods. 8. Twin Motor Vibration Absorbers - These are fitted around the casing of the motor and effectively absorb vibration created by the motor, which would otherwise be transmitted to the plinth. 9. Motor Thrust Bearing - This is attached to the base of the motor, allowing the motor spindle to ride on a proper bearing as opposed to the sleeve bearings inside the motor. Adjustable with the allen key supplied, this really does transform the Premotec AC synchronous motor, making it run much quieter and eliminating any 'ticking' noise. 10. Counterweight Resonance Controller - this ring is fitted around the counterweight of the tonearm, effectively absorbing resonances. Two are supplied to suit both RB250 and RB300 arms. Any one of these 10 items will improve your deck - together they will make an absolutely massive improvement. The kit comes with detailed instructions, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the transformation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review