Supra Mains Distribution Block MD06-BS/SP

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Product Overview

Supra have invested substantially in creating a BS-approved UK 13 Amp socketed mains distribution block, which goes into production within the next month - production units should be available soon. The MD06-BS/SP will be available to markets that support the UK 13 Amp socket standard, which includes United Kingdom (as well as: Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and other countries).

Featuring 6 shuttered 13 Amp UK sockets and a three stage Surge Protection Device, the MD06-BS/SP will become highly prized not just for keeping you mains wiring tidy, but also as it will help to minimise any interference from getting into your prized Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

Furthermore, the MD06-BS/SP chassis is extruded from Aluminium and as such, the case work is shielded and hence helps to prevent 50 Hz mains getting into other cables nearby, while at the same time, reducing radio (and other mains borne) interference.

Please note that no mains cable is supplied with the MD06-BS/SP - this is so that you can purchase the correct length of cable to go between your wall socket and the position of the Mains Block.

We recommend that you use the Supra LoRad shielded mains cable with the MD06-BS/SP in order to maximise the benefits.

The MD06-BS/SP features:

1x IEC socket inlet
6x UK 13 Amp socket outlets
Non-Intrusive Filtering (NIF)
Multi-level 3 way Surge Protection (SP)
Power and Surge indicator LEDs
Aluminium chassis for maximum RF suppression
Mounting holes to allow chassis to be attached securely to surfaces

The dimensions of the MD06-BS/SP are:

470mm (L) x 97 mm (W) x 55 mm (H)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review